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    Spray and Dust Aerosol Laboratory

    Dr. Xiaofei Wang's Research Group at Fudan University

    Shanghai, China

  • Research

    Welcome to Dr. Xiaofei Wang’s research group (SDAL) at Fudan University. Spray aerosol and dust aerosol are the two major sources of atmospheric and industrial aerosols. However, their production mechanisms are not fully understood. Their roles in pollutants transport have not been extensively studied. Additionally, they have promising potential for use in various industrial applications. Our group is focused on the following research topics: (1) physical production mechanisms of spray aerosol and dust aerosol; (2) environment and climate impact of spray/dust aerosols; (3) development of industrial applications using spray aerosols; and (4) development of aerosol instruments.

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    Spray aerosol production and transfer of pollutants through the air-water interface

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    Dust aerosol production and transfer of pollutants through the air-soil interface

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    Development of aerosol instruments

  • P. I.

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    Dr. Xiaofei Wang

    Tenure Track Research Scientist (研究员,博士生导师)



    Ph.D., Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, May 2014

    Washington University in St. Louis


    M.S., Environmental Science, June 2009

    Fudan University


    B.S., Environmental Science, June 2007

    Fudan University


    Research Experience

    Department of Environmental Science and Engineering,

    Fudan University

    Tenure Track Research Scientist/ Principal Investigator, 2018 – Present.


    Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment

    University of California, San Diego

    Assistant Project Scientist, 2016 – 2018. Supervisor: Kimberly A. Prather

    Postdoctoral Scholar, 2014 – 2016.


    Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

    Washington University in St. Louis

    Research Assistant/Ph.D. Student, 2009 – 2014. Advisor: Pratim Biswas


    Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

    Fudan University

    Research Assistant/M.S. Student 2007 - 2009. Advisor: Xin Yang


  • Group Members

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    Dr. Hong Chen

    Senior Engineer

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    Dr. Xiaohui Lu

    Senior Engineer

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    Shaodong Chen

    Graduate Student

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    Yuqi Gan

    Graduate Student

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    Qianqian Gao

    Graduate Student

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    Xinhua Jiang

    Graduate Student

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    Xiewen Ma

    Graduate Student

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    Shurong Wang

    Graduate Student

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    Shanye Yang

    Graduate Student

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    Ruoyu Zhang

    Graduate Student

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    Tao Zhang

    Graduate Student

  • Publications

    *: Corresponding author

    : Co-first author

    Lab members are bolded.


    Please visit the most updated publication list at: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=3cSOZwwAAAAJ


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  • Teaching

    Undergraduate course: Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry (with Prof. Lin Wang), Spring

    Course Website: ac-fudan.sxl.cn


    Graduate course: Application of MATLAB in Environmental Modelling, Fall

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    Postdoc and graduate students positions are available! Please contact Dr. Wang directly!



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